South Indian vs North Indian Cuisine

For most of the non-Indian people, there is only one category of food in India which is “Indian food”. In a way, it is correct because yes, food originated from India is Indian food but the truth is that we can put “Indian food” just under that category. India is the most diversified country in the world, especially by its cuisine. So, in India, Indian food is commonly divided into two categories; South Indian & North Indian cuisine. Now, you might ask “Then, what are the differences between South Indian and North Indian cuisine?”

South Indian food

First of all, South Indian cuisine is mainly coconut milk based and North Indians’ is cream/ yogurt based. Another major difference is that North population use garam masala (not that spicy curry powder) but the South population use red chilli powder. This is why most Northern foods have an orangeshi-yellowish-green colour compare to the southern food which are dark orange-red-maroonish and they are less spicier too.

North Indian food

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